Your child already has what it takes to be happy and successful.

My responsibility as a life coach is to help him or her uncover their true potential.

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Let Me Introduce Myself…

Do you have a tween or teenage child who struggles with low self-esteem, depression, or sometimes “just not being happy?” Does she lack confidence in herself? Could he be doing better in his school work or is he upset that he isn’t making the friends he wants?

My Name Is Jonathan Shyman and I have years of experience in helping tweens and teenagers overcome these, and similar issues. I weave together a unique approach using top techniques and skills by the world’s most well known psychotherapists and experts.

By building a True Esteem and using the unique tools of Positive Psychology your child can become everything you know he or she is capable of.

A happy girl with high self esteem

What is True Esteem?

We’re all striving for healthy self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is the cornerstone of happiness, confidence, and serenity. However, those with too much self-esteem or those who have not built their self-esteem correctly may have a tendency to be self-centered and narcissistic.

Self-Esteem can be an elusive concept and difficult to attain without help from someone who understands it, and has grown in it himself.

At True Esteem Coaching, I help my clients develop the healthy self-esteem they are looking for, but not twisted with arrogance and an inflated ego. I assist in developing a True Esteem that is based on the solid foundations of humility and gratitude.

a happy boy with high self esteem

Get Your Child On The Right Path

Your child can become everything you know he or she is capable of.

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