ADHD/ADD Coaching for Teenagers & Younger Children

Living with ADHD can be difficult. Living with a child who has ADHD can be overwhelming. Your child’s grades may be poor, he or she seems to forget basic responsibilities, and may even have trouble making friends.

Although ADHD often leads to these struggles and more, it does not have to.

Instead of fighting ADHD, I help tweens and teens use ADHD to their advantage. A lot of great things come along with ADHD, like creativity and passion. You probably have noticed these, and other great strengths that your child possesses.

I help cultivate these strengths, and teach new tools for living with ADHD. With my help, your child can flourish, understand, and reach his or her true potential.

Get Your Child On The Right Path

Your child can become everything you know he or she is capable of.

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