My coaching can be done form anywhere in the world.

Clients talk to me via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone.

My name is Jonathan Shyman and I am the founder of True Esteem Coaching, and created the concept of “True Esteem.”
I first started helping teenagers and tweens in NCSY, a youth group for Jewish teenagers, where I served as the regional vice president of education.
I was given the opportunity to create programs that focused on educating high school students. I also authored a booklet answering questions that teenagers commonly asked.
I have worked with teens for the past 10 years in numerous capacities, including tutoring students who struggle with ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome.
As part of its mission statement, NCSY seeks to “connect, inspire, and empower,” values which I strive to carry out in my own life and bring into my coaching practice.

He turned around my son’s negative attitude and had him see life in a more positive light. We are so grateful to see this change in our son and watch him continue to take steps towards becoming a self-motivated and respectful young man.

Cathy C.

Mother of 18 year old boy, Chicago Il

Jonathan helped me build my self-esteem the through coaching, which made me realize how much potential I really have. When I look back at my many accomplishments since that summer getting coached, I realize that none of it would’ve been possible without Jonathan’s help. I really owe it all to him. 

Jacob B.

16 year old, Austin

Once my daughter started sessions with Jonathan, I found that we were fighting less and I didn’t have to be right on top of her when it came to getting her school work done.

Abby L.

Mother of 15 year old girl, Kansas City

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You will hear back from me within 12 hours.